Tınaz Ekim Aşıcı

B.S. in Math, Univ. Tech. et de Sciences de Lille, 1999; 
B.S. in IE, Galatasaray University, 2001;
M.S. in Sc.Meth in Busn, Dauphine Univ- Paris IX, 2002;
Ph.D. in OR, Ecole Polytech. Féd. de Lausanne, 2006.
Research Interests: 
Algorithmic graph theory and applications, Combinatorial optimization, Complexity theory, Approximation theory

Recent publications

  1. An Exact Cutting Plane Algorithm to Solve the Selective Graph Coloring Problem in Perfect Graphs, Şeker, Oylum, Ekim Tinaz, and Taşkın Z C. , European Journal of Operational Research, Volume 291(1), p.67–83, (2021)
  2. Mind the independence gap, Ekim, Tinaz, Gözüpek Didem, Hujdurović Ademir, and Milanič Martin , Discrete Mathematics, Volume 343, p.111943, (2020)
  3. Small 1-defective Ramsey numbers in perfect graphs, Ekim, Tinaz, Gimbel John, and Şeker Oylum , Discrete Optimization, Volume 34, p.100548, (2019)
  4. Edge-stable equimatchable graphs, Deniz, Zakir, and Ekim Tinaz , Discrete Applied Mathematics, Volume 261, p.136-147, (2019)
  5. Equimatchable claw-free graphs, Akbari, Saieed, Alizadeh Hadi, Ekim Tinaz, Gözüpek Didem, and Shalom Mordechai , Discrete Mathematics, Volume 341, p.2859-2871, (2018)
  6. The maximum cardinality cut problem in co-bipartite chain graphs, Ekim, Tinaz, Boyacı Arman, and Shalom Mordechai , Journal of Combinatorial Optimization, Jan, Volume 35, p.250–265, (2018)
  7. On Almost Well-Covered Graphs of Girth at Least 6, Milanič, Martin, Hujdurović Ademir, Gözüpek Didem, and Ekim Tinaz , Discrete Mathematics & Theoretical Computer Science, Volume 20, (2018)