internship-BU-IEThe main purpose of the internships is to provide IE undergraduate students an industry experience in related sectors that

  • provides the intern direct exposure to real world professional activities,
  • enhances their personal and professional skills,
  • increases the likelihood of professional employment opportunities in their major,
  • enables observation of new trends in their fields and
  • prepares them for the work life when they graduate.

As an important part of our program, internships prepare our students for the work life when they graduate. In addition, students gain experience in resume development, how to prepare for and conduct themselves in a professional interview by company representatives, and are better prepared to enter their chosen profession. All IE students must complete at least 60 work-days of internship during the 4-year undergraduate period.

In accordance with Social Security and General Health Insurance Law (No. 5510), students who participate in vocational training in companies are provided with compensation, occupational illness and health insurance.

Our students can start their internship in a company of their own choice on condition that they receive approval from the Programme Internship Commission. Detailed requirements for the internship are available in the internship handbook.