Alumni Quotes

“I believe that BUIE prepared me on my journey for leadership in the best possible way…”

Ümran Beba, B.S. BUIE ’86, M.B.A.’88, Chief Human Resources Officer & SVP PepsiCo Asia Middle East Africa Sector

“During my Ph.D. studies at Stanford, I had such an easy life in the basic graduate courses related to engineering, economics and statistics. This was certainly due to the strong undergraduate education I had received at BUIE. …The intellectual atmosphere structured around such a highly competitive student body and enriched with the beneficial discussions triggered by the BUIE faculty is the prime reason why I feel confident and well prepared for my future career…” 

N. Bora Keskin, B.S. BUIE ’06, Ph.D. Stanford University ’12, Assistant Prof., Booth School of Business, University of Chicago. 

“What you get from Boğazici Industrial Engineering is an intellectually-deep and practically-relevant education. This education provided us the tools to approach everyday problems in a quantitative fashion, the flexibility to succeed in a variety of disciplines, and the ability to think creatively. Not to mention that we were able to receive this education on perhaps the most beautiful campus in the world...”

Hüseyin Topaloğlu, B.S. BUIE’97, Ph.D. Princeton University’01, Assoc. Prof., School of Operations Research and Information Engineering, Cornell University

“I have gained an incredible self-confidence and resilience throughout my undergraduate years in a friendly and highly competitive atmosphere shaping my way of thinking and habits for the future…”

Burcu Civelek, B.S. BUIE ’00, Akbank, Executive Vice President / Human Resources and Strategy.

“It is highly impressive to witness how most of my classmates succeed in moving to leadership positions. I believe our problem solving capabilities together with communication and collaboration skills played a critical role in our career progress…” 

Atalay M. Gümrah, B.S. BUIE ’90, M.S. BUIE ’94, Eczacıbaşı Holding, Head of the Building Products Division.

“I think our IE education is an effective process of preparing us for the complex decision making problems we encounter in our professional life…”

Reha Yolalan,  M.S. BUIE ’87, Tekfen Holding Vice President.