Research Groups

LARG - Location/Allocation Theory and Practice: Bilevel programming models for the planning and protection of critical facilities; competitive learning in location theory; covering, location and routing problems in social and sensor networks (Contact person: Kuban Altınel, Necati Aras)

QFRG - Quantitative Finance: Improved variance reduction techniques and efficient simulation methods for risk quantification and option pricing. (Contact persons: Refik Güllü, Wolfgang Hörmann)


SPiDER - Scheduling and Planning in Distributed Environments: Distributed systems modeling, algorithm design and implementation for real-world capacity planning and scheduling problems faced in manufacturing and service industries. (Contact persons: Ali Tamer Ünal , Caner Taşkın)

SMRA - Simulation Modeling and Risk Analysis in Narrow Waterways: Analysis and decision support for narrow waterway navigation with the aid of simulation modeling; risk measurement and analysis models; policy development. (Contact person: İlhan Or)