Könül Bayramoğlu Kavlak

B.S. in Statistics, Middle East Technical Univ., 2006;
M.S. in IE, Bilkent University, 2009;
Ph.D. in Statistics, Middle East Technical Univ., 2014.
Research Interests: 
Applied Probability, Statistical Theory of Reliability, Survival Analysis, Multivariate Distributions and Copulas, Construction of Sampling Designs

Recent publications

  1. Model based inference using ranked set samples, Ozturk, Omer, and Kavlak Könül Bayramoğl , Survey Methodology, Jun, Volume 44, p.1–16, (2018)
  2. The mean wasted life time of a component of system, Kavlak, Könül Bayramoğl , Journal of Computational and Applied Mathematics, Oct, Volume 305, p.44–54, (2016)
  3. On Censored Bivariate Random Variables: Copula, Characterization, and Estimation, Kavlak, Könül Bayramoğl, and bairamov) Ismihan Bayramoglu , Communications in Statistics - Simulation and Computation, Volume 43, p.2173-2185, (2014)
  4. Baker- Lin-Huang Type Bivariate Distributions Based on Order Statistics, Kavlak, Könül Bayramoğl, and I. Bairamov) Bayramoglu( , Communications in Statistics - Theory and Methods, Volume 43, p.1992-2006, (2014)
  5. Univariate Interval Censoring with Two Random Intervals, Kavlak, Könül Bayramoğl , Social Sciences Research Journal, Sep, Volume 3, p.1–4, (2014)
  6. From the Huang Kotz FGM distribution to Baker s bivariate distribution, BAYRAMOĞLU, İSMİHAN, and Kavlak Könül Bayramoğl , Journal of Multivariate Analysis, Jan, Volume 113, p.106–115, (2013)