Seminar on September 24, 2014



Matching extendability of strongly-regular graphs and Deza graphs


Stefko Miklavic,

(University of Primorska, Slovenia) 



Let G be a connected graph. A matching M in G is a set of pairwise non-adjacent edges; that is, no two edges share a common vertex. A vertex of G is matched by matching M if it is an endpoint of one of the edges in M . A perfect matching of G is a matching which matches all vertices of G. Graph G of even order is n-extendable, if

(i) it contains a matching of size n and

(ii) every such matching is contained in a perfect matching of G.

In this talk we will review known results about extendability of the strongly regular graphs and Deza graphs. 


DATE:  September 24, 2014

TIME:  Wednesday, 11:00-12:00 

ROOM: IMBM Seminar Room, Boğaziçi University South Campus