Smart Manufacturing Position



The Department of Industrial Engineering at Bogazici University (BU) in İstanbul, Turkey looks for a full-time assistant professor in the area of smart manufacturing. The position will support the Department in manufacturing and production domains, with a focus on digitalization and Industry 4.0; and requires a strong background in quantitative methods such as operations research, machine learning, data analytics, manufacturing paradigms, and the use of information technology.

The candidate will become a member of the Flexible Automation and Intelligent Manufacturing Systems (BUFAIM) Laboratory. BUFAIM, founded in 2001, aims to realize a flexible and smart manufacturing environment where research on modern manufacturing planning and control techniques, flexible automation concepts and their integration issues can be conducted.  The Model Factory in BUFAIM is run by means of in-house developed software, and provides a reconfigurable infrastructure for implementing the on-going research and presenting it to academia and industry. BUFAIM’s research objectives are in line with the recently promoted “Industry 4.0” concept that refers to the use of digital technologies to integrate in real-time all components over the value chains. Over the years, BUFAIM has accumulated a substantial level of knowledge regarding the manufacturing flexibility concept and significant experience in the fields of modelling, simulation and real-time management of manufacturing systems through many graduate thesis work, as well as national and international projects.

The responsibilities expected from the position cover the following:

  • The candidate will be willing to cooperate with colleagues at the department and with other departments of BU; to actively participate in future Industry 4.0 initiatives of the Department; and to build collaborations with industry.
  • The candidate will conduct research in quantitative methods to strengthen the capabilities of the department in the smart manufacturing domain (e.g. simulation and digital twin; distributed control; augmented reality; factory logistics and its integration with the supply chain; product lifecycle management, predictive maintenance.)  
  • The candidate will participate in teaching Bachelor-, Master- and PhD-level courses, and act as supervisor for MS and PhD students. The candidate is expected to teach domain specific courses similar to IE 414 and IE 486; some of the required departmental courses such as IE 220, IE 312 or IE 413, and design new elective courses.  All courses are taught in English, and  candidates should have fluency in both spoken and written English

Further information 

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