Seminar: The Mean Wasted Lifetime of a System Component by Könül Bayramoğlu Kavrak



The Mean Wasted Lifetime of a System Component 

Könül Bayramoğlu Kavrak


Hacettepe University, Department of Actuarial Sciences, Ankara



A reliability inspection model in which a component of a technical system has lifetime X and inspection time S is considered. It is assumed that X and S are random variables with absolutely continuous joint distribution function FX,S , and the joint probability density function fX,S . Firstly, we consider mean residual life function of the component under two different setups of inspection. Secondly, we consider an inspection model where at
the inspection time the component is replaced with its spare regardless of whether the component is alive or failed at this time. Under the condition 0 < t < S < X we are interested in expected value of X-S, which is the mean wasted time of an intact component at time t.

Short Bio: 

Könül Bayramoğlu Kavrak received her M.Sc. degree in Industrial Engineering from Bilkent University and B.S. and Ph.D. degrees in Statistics from Middle East Technical University. She completed postdoctoral fellowship program in the Department of Statistics at The Ohio State University. She  is currently an Associate Professor in the Department of Actuarial Sciences at Hacettepe University. Her research interests include reliability, censoring methodology, ordered data analysis and sampling designs.

All interested are cordially invited.  

DATE   : Friday, January 17, 2020 
TIME    : 15:00-16:00 
ROOM  : VYKM 2, 5th floor of Engineering Building (Perkins Hall)